Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was Annie’s birthday. Annie had invited me to Thanksgiving and her birthday. I made the promise to her that I would do what I could to be there for her birthday.

We were walking through the store when Kaylee (8 years old) asked me what I got Annie for her birthday. Gift giving on birthdays and holidays has never been a big thing for me. It is commercialized and I feel like it is done because people feel a social obligation to give gifts for those holidays. I told her “me”. She didn’t understand so I explained how I had come back because the best gift you can give someone is your time and so that is what I was doing. I don’t know what impact that had in an child’s mind since getting cool things on the holidays is a big part of being a kid.

A birthday isn’t just a day for the person to celebrate the day they were brought into the world. On that day a gift came to the rest of the world and everyone that is touched in some way by that person has a reason to celebrate. By giving Annie the gift of my time, I am also celebrating her presence in my life and giving myself a gift.

The reason time is so important to me is because we don’t know what our limit is. This is the main reason that it is important that we delegate it with purpose bringing the most amount of value to our lives. With the holidays coming up and people shopping for others I think this is something to consider.

What would mean more giving someone 2 tickets to a sporting event for them to use. Or giving someone a ticket to a sporting event with a note saying “I can’t wait to go to the game with you so that we can make memories together!”  Next time you go to get a gift, consider giving time as it is the most valuable gift one can give.

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