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I went to Vermont and went and visited the 2 most reliable men in my life: Ben & Jerry. Anyone that knows me, I have an addiction problem. My sister Kim is probably right behind me so it broke my heart that she wasn’t there to experience the ice cream world with me. I have the best sister someone could ask for. No seriously. If you saw us together, you would think we were in love.

I was going to suggest a flavor to them and I just knew when I did, they would hire me on the spot. It didn’t exactly go as planned especially since they would never put bacon in their ice cream. I did get a free tour, pictures and ice cream so I would say the day was a success.

With that being said, I need someone to create an ice cream for me:

Journey of a Lifetime (the road is a piece of bacon and maple leaf/pecan walking down it into a world of chocolate)

  • Maple Ice cream
  • Chocolate covered bacon
  • Pecans

For the holidays I was thinking about Jones Soda and how they should create ice cream like Thanksgiving dinner. For those of you that don’t know what I am talking about, at the holidays they make soda that tastes like all things Thanksgiving (Mashed potatoes, turkey w/gravy, fruitcake, green bean casserole, cranberry).

I hope this blog inspired you  to start an ice cream business. I will consult you in the business (taking ice cream for payment) and generate you the best ideas EVER and you can just profit.

“Life is like ice cream so enjoy it before it melts”

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