Believing in Yourself

Brad came in last night and I am so glad he is here. It makes me happy because Brad knows me. Since I started getting homesick so it is nice to have an old friend to experience new things with. It is only when you are tested do you find out who you really are. The last week here has been hard on me because sometimes I am not sure what I am doing. I know the person I want to be and that person is somewhere in hard work and following my heart.

I don’t think we ever really know ourselves. Some may know their purpose in life and some never may. There is a lot of people caught up in not trying to figure it out. Those people are content by the unknown. I feel that way about some things in my life. It is a world where it is more ok to follow than to lead. We need it that way or we would have too many people bossing and not enough people following.

What most don’t realize is that being a leader means being a threat. Not too many people can stand up to a thing we call life as a director. All it takes is believing in yourself and taking responsibility for others actions.

Finding belief in believing. Believing what is real and knowing what is fake. Believing in happy endings and that sometimes you wont get one. It takes belief in something big like courage to continue on and face our fears. It is believing that you deserve to be happy and that you can do more with your life. It is taking that belief and doing it. Believing in yourself, is most important.

Off to the Rice Festival….

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