So I posted a blog about writing about who inspires me by those that leave me a comment. I have 10 people to write about so far and I am SO happy to share them with you.

The first person to comment was Becca and I can’t think of a better way to start this off. I know Becca because she is my cousin. She is 19 and is a student at Oklahoma State. Our relationship is beyond that of most cousins. When I think of my relationship with Becca, I think of more like a sister.


Becca has the personality that when you get around her, you can’t help but to enjoy life. She is has this ability to draw a person in and hold their attention because of her excitement for living life. She will keep you on your toes and just when you think she has given you all that she can, BAM she will surprise you with something new. Every time I see her, she is smiling.


I have watched Becca and one of the things I love is her ability to be such an amazing role model. Becca is a middle child and has a younger sister Libby. When I see how Becca treats her younger sister, I am amazed at her kindness. Sure they fight like sisters but mess with Libby and you are messing with Becca as well. I have never seen someone Becca’s age, treat their younger sibling with such guidance and responsibility.

becca libby


Becca is the person that is warm and affectionate. From the warmth of a smile, to cuddling on the couch, or kind words, she is always looking for ways to make a person feel valued. She places a large emphasis on her family in general. She is very committed to helping others even those who aren’t related.

She is responsible and I have seen a number of situations where she walks away the bigger person. Many times I have seen her get her feelings hurt but she never lets that stop her from trying to do the right thing.


She is wise beyond her years and full of love. One of the things I love most is her ability to call it like she sees it. She speaks what is on her mind. If you have done her wrong, she will let you know and isn’t afraid to call people out for their mistakes. She isn’t shy about what is on her mind and has an opinion.

She has always been someone that I can’t get enough time with. She is so full of life that I can’t help but to want more time with her. She is a gift to my life that I cherish so much.

To get a look at her personality I took some status updates from her Facebook.

Famous Quotes by Becca:

  • Its okay, oklahoma state, I actually dont mind getting stuck in the elevators. As long as the campus police get segways to go with their chargers.
  • Wanna know what happens when you are a college student that cant tell me where Missouri is? You get a 20″ inflatable globe. 😉
  • Who’s gonna take her notes and go run at the gym? This girl. Multitasking at its finest.
  • When your past calls, let it go to voicemail. Its got nothing new to say.
  • Sometimes I get overwhelmed with how loved I am by my family. They truly are a blessing
  • Dont settle for someone that doesnt cherish you. Relationships are tough and if your partner doesnt respect you, you are doomed to fail
  • sometimes you need to forget about the thing you want, and remember what you deserve.

Here is a video I made of her a few years ago that is fun fun!!!

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