Another Day on the Road

Today went as planned. I ended up walking the 14km back to the truck bus stop. It rained a bit. Nothing hard but a constant kind of drizzle. I was going to try an area with temples but the bus driver never told me to get off at my stop. So I rode 1 hour past before realizing I had missed my stop. I transferred over and headed back. Once there I couldn’t find someone to speak English and it was raining so walking around looking for a hostel was not something I wanted to do. I just wanted some comfort. I made the choice to get on another 4 hour bus and head to Cambodia to Angkor Wat where I know people will speak English because it is one of the biggest tourist areas in Southeast Asia.

Once off the bus I saw a fun carnival and decided to walk towards it.When I got to it I realized it would cost money to get in and I decided I wasn’t interested in paying. It was already late and I just wanted to get across the boarder.

I came upon quite the scene. Hundreds of people in the street with their belongings with police and military everywhere. This was right before the boarder and I had no idea what was going on. This was another ohh shit scary moment. I started trying to ask people what was going on and I found a Thai lawyer that spoke English. It was music to my ears. He explained that there was no reason to be scared by the situation. The Cambodian migrants were fleeing Thailand out of fear of what was going on in Thailand. I still don’t really know what is going on but I don’t really want to know. Sometimes ignorance is bliss right? If I don’t know, then I don’t share in that fear.

Then 2 British guys came forward and asked if I spoke English. We talked and the Thai lawyer said our night would be best spent at a hotel and crossing in the morning in daylight. Another bed of a truck and on our way we were to a hotel. Finally I had 2 fellow backpackers that also spoke English. We checked in and then I went to dinner with them. When I found out they wouldn’t be crossing till around noon, I said my goodbyes. I wanted an early start so into my room I went again on my own.

Transportation $20

Food $5

Lodging $5

Total $30

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