Annapolis & Delaware

I went to Annapolis and Delaware for the day. In Annapolis I visited the Naval Academy, Leonard Blackshare Walk (where I got today’s inspiration) and I went to Chick and Ruth’s to eat only because they have super sized milk shakes. Plus they say the pledge of allegiance every day.

In Delaware, I went to Dewey Beach, Lewes, and Prime Hook Wildlife area. I don’t know many people who can say they have been to Delaware so I feel accomplished.

For the daily dose of inspiration I walked along the bay and there were signs that had bits of motivation so I am going to share some of words.

“We all suffer. If a man is wise, he learns from it” The strength and perseverance of our ancestors, such as Kunta Kinie, teach universal lessons including survival through faith, strength through family and wisdom through forgiveness.

“Things don’t ever get better unless you make them better” In Roots Alex Haley reminds us through individual efforts will this country overcome racial and ethnic anger, guilt, hatred  and fear and remain a beacon of opportunity and hope for oppressed people around the world.

“Here me! Though we are of different tribes and tongues, remember we are the same people” America’s strength is its’ diversity. People come here from all over the world, bringing new energy and dreams. Each person has a story to tell and each story enriches and invigorates us.

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