Angkor Wat and Beyond

I was up at 4am to head to the temple Angkor Wat to witness sunrise. When I went to meet my tuk tuk driver he had sent someone else. I didn’t have much time to question it. It wasn’t much of a sunrise but there was something to be said for the sun coming up unveiling the temple little by little. It should go on anyone’s ‘to see before you die’ list.

After sunrise I headed to my tuk tuk. I asked him where the guy I hired was because the new guy didn’t speak English. I wasn’t having it and I paid him and I was determined to find one that could speak English. I wanted to know about the temples and that was part of why I hired the original driver. It is a whole scheme and thing they have going here. You can’t walk 10 steps without a driver saying ‘Hey lady, you want a tuk tuk?’ It was easy for me to find a new driver and I was off to the next temple.

I spent the day (just over 12 hours) walking around these amazing temples. They were originally built for the Hindu but adopted by Buddhists. The stone was brought from a mountain about 60km away. They used elephants to carry the stones. They carved into the stone amazing images that just blow me away. The patience required to complete a temple blow my mind. They really are mind blowing. I loved walking around. Each temple was built by a different king during his reign. They all had a different look and feel. I couldn’t help but feel a bit like a bad ass when I was in the temple where they filmed Tomb Raider.

The pictures can’t even do this place justice.

I wanted to stay till sunset but on my hike to the top it started raining. I had my share of temples. I was already over 12 hours of walking around. I was sunburnt, hungry, tired and ready to go back to the hostel. Of course it cleared up on my tuk tuk ride back. I needed food, shower, and sleep.

Entertainment (Ticket to temples) $20

Transportation $11

Food $9

Lodging $7

Total $47

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