Anger Management 101

Last night, Matt and I got into a fight. I know that people put themselves out there like life is great all the time, but it isn’t. I won’t get into the details of the argument but I will address some issues that I have within myself.

I truly believe that you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.

Therefore, I am acknowledging that I have a temper and I do need to learn to control my anger better. I know that you can’t always control the situation and you can’t control how you feel. BUT You can control how that anger is expressed and you can do it in a healthy way. Even if someone else is pushing you, you always have a choice how you respond to the situation.

So today I looked up some information on anger and I wanted to share.

Dynamics of Anger

  • We become more angry when we are stress and body resources are down.
  • We are rarely ever angry for the reasons we think.
  • We are often angry when we didn’t get what we needed as a child.
  • We often become angry when we see a trait in others we can’t stand in ourselves.
  • Underneath many current angers are old disappointments, traumas and triggers.
  • Sometimes we get angry because we were hurt as a child.
  • We get angry when a current event brings up an old unresolved situation from the past.
  • We often feel strong emotion when a situation has a similar content, words or energy that we have felt before.

I want to learn to better channel my anger when someone upsets me. Anger is natural human response but how the anger is handled is what makes the difference. I want to be a better person and dealing with my anger is a step towards making this happen.

This sums it up:

Learning to deal effectively with your feelings is a life-long process. Using these techniques daily to reduce the arousal that comes up instantly when you are upset helps you grow emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. You can use them to become the best person you can be. You are as mature as you are able to take responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings and behavior! As I ask myself, “What better thing do I have to do with my life than do what it takes to become the best person that I can be?” AngriesOut


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