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Something I talk about a lot is living your dreams and not “conforming” just because that is what society tells us to do. If that makes you happy, by all means do it. I just have always been one that thinks there is more to life. So today I saw this on Zen Pencils and wanted to share and talk about my thoughts. Ways to be average

  • People that are above average, they aren’t just lucky. They work at being above average. This takes motivation to be happy as well as a little bit of selfishness. Anyone who has flown knows the speech they give is to put on your oxygen mask before helping the person next to you. You aren’t as effective while gasping for air. love yourself
  • I have talked before about ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad‘ (strongly encourage to read) which talks a lot how the average person teach their kids to run the rat race while those that want better teach their kids not merely to just “survive” but to make strategic moves to make the most of what they have and to get ahead.
  • I don’t watch much TV and Matt and I talked about this the other day. I am not a spectator, I am a participant. I am a strong believer that average people want to be entertained. People that want to be above average want to be educated. I am not talking about a formal education but I am talking about actively being involved in learning through engagement  Entertainment to me is momentary and frivolous. When you engage yourself into a environment that fosters your active participation, you are engaging yourself into learning. Entertainment is a way to escape problems where actual involvement in learning is coming up with solutions to solve problems. If you are seeking things for the entertainment factor, you are allowing yourselves to be dominated by someone else’s creative mind versus pushing yourself to learn new ways to challenge yourself to be creative. An average person would read a fiction novel, a person wants more would read a non fiction book on becoming more in life. You can’t just DO something…. You have to BE something. Enough said.
  • The last point I will talk about is how average people want to be comfortable. Above average people like uncertainty. People that push themselves outside of their comfort zone learn how to thrive in an environment of uncertainty.

    “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”- Neale Walsch

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