About Me

I started this blog because I like to genuinely express who I am, how I feel, my life experiences and what I have learned through my life journey. My life journey started when I was born but the feeling of a journey started in September of 2011 when I left my life in Dallas and hit the road fitting my life into a jeep and never knowing where I will end up or stay from day to day. I am living my dream.

This avenue for self-expression coupled with my abundant charisma, drives my love for inspiring others.  I am hoping I can motivate others to discover who they are making the most of life. I like to understand and relate to all personalities, looking for the best in people and encouraging them to shine in their individuality.

The following is how I view myself including my strengths and weaknesses. It is important that everyone defines how they see themselves. My description is always changing as I face new fears, gain new knowledge, experience life’s changes and explore my emotions. Hopefully, this description of who I am helps you in developing your own.

Who I am:

I am one of a kind and I know it. I am drawn to the creative aspects and I have a unique outlook on life. I don’t care about adapting to societal expectations as my independence and intuition pave my way for experiencing life. This attitude often makes me feel secluded from society and often I feel I disappoint people that care about me.

I am active, curious, outgoing,  warm, energetic, spontaneous, positive and exuberant. I live for new experiences in life and am drawn to risk-taking with no fear of failure. I find that I can often be impulsive and that leads to self-destructive behaviors. I  am learning who I am through accumulating insight into the meaning of my life and following my curiosity. These feelings have me constantly challenging my views and purpose. I get bored easy which most people find very unsettling. This volatile personality trait pushes me to step out of my comfort zone to want to experience new things all the time. Some would call this unstable because I find it challenging to settle.

I have high expectations in relationships, but find myself playing the victim when I encounter someone less caring and loyal. I will put forth a lot of effort into making relationships work being highly invested in the health of my friendships. Due to my loyalty, I’ve been known to hold onto bad relationships longer than most and it is incredibly hard for me to shut people out of my life permanently. Some see it as weak, I see it as taking my commitments very serious by being genuinely loyal and faithful to those that have somehow impacted my life.

Dear Reader,

I encourage everyone to find their place in life. Try to understand yourself and who you are. Understanding your personality will help you find where you will succeed in living life for all that you can. It is just as important to understand what has meaning and is important to you. Understanding your strengths, seeing your weaknesses, and being fully aware of what you value, puts you in an excellent position to live a meaningful life that you will find rewarding.

I hope in sharing my journey to self-discovery, that you are inspired to explore your journey and purpose. Most of all, I hope that you live life for all it has to offer you. Now go explore, live, dream, inspire, and create moments that bring meaning to your life.

All my love and encouragement. XOXO



Bucket List

Complete a century ride

Learn a new language

Become good at snowboarding

Be a part of a flash mob http://lifedefused.com/flash-mob/

Climb the summit of a mountain

Take a polar bear plunge

Perform as a street musician

Go Scuba Diving

Write a book

Make a movie

Fly in a hot air balloon

Give a speech in front of a large crowd

Learn a new dance

Paint a picture

Get featured in a magazine

Have dinner with someone famous

Get a tattoo

Win at Bingo

Catch something and eat it http://lifedefused.com/more-than-words/

Take a stranger to dinner

Drive a dune buggy

Participate in soap box derby

Party with a rockstar

Jump from a cliff into water http://lifedefused.com/yoshino-river-rafting/

Watch turtles hatch and go to the ocean

Go on a safari

Watch sumo wrestling live http://lifedefused.com/sumo/

Visit all states in US (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wisconsin, Hawaii)

Learn how to use a pogo stick

Learn a magic trick

Eat honey straight from honeycomb

Make wine

Restore a car

Live on a boat

Donate $1,000,000

Exhibit photography in a famous gallery

Get listed as a best blog

Be on the front page of a newspaper http://lifedefused.com/everybody-dies-famous-in-a-small-town/

Be a spectator at the Olympics

Crash a party




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