A Day of Food

So yesterday I spent my day making food for Yolanda’s shop party. A lady wanted a private open house for her and her friends. Anywhere from 12-25 people were coming and I love food so I was so happy to get a day in the kitchen.

As for today, I should probably go to the gym and stay 4X longer than usual 😉


Sopapilla Cheesecake

Spinach and Artichoke Dip (w/ Bacon)

Mint Cookies

Crab & Cucumber

Pita Chips w/ Hummus and Cheese

We aren’t sure what happened but only 4 people showed up. Yolanda remained positive about it. Life happens and people didn’t show like they said they would. It is sad that people don’t stick to commitments. Afterwards we talked and Yolanda brought up a good point. Each person that didn’t come didn’t feel important. They felt like other people would show so they didn’t feel like it was important they did. After a long day at work, other plans coming up, forgetting about it all together, whatever the reason… They didn’t make it a priority and didn’t feel important.

With that being said, remember that you are important. Believe in your power to make a impact and a difference. You count and are more influential than you know. In everything that you commit to and recognizing that others are counting on you makes you very special. Thinking that you don’t matter may seem like such a small thing but being true to your word is your obligation and makes you a better person. Stay loyal and true to your word because you make a difference.

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