8 Things I LOVE about Living in Japan

  1. Delicious food!

Japanese cuisine has become popular around the world. Some well-known dishes include sushi, sashimi and tempura. Ramen noodles are popular in Japan. Noodles are slurped somewhat loudly when eaten. Slurping your food is a sign that the food is delicious and is considered a compliment to the cook. Another popular food in Japan is raw horse meat. Restaurants – give you moist towels before your meal, as well as green tea. Restaurants in Tokyo were awarded twice more Michelin stars than those in Paris, making it the culinary capital of the world. Sushi and Ramen are definitely our favorites.

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  1. Very polite and respectful people.

Bowing as a symbol of humility and respect is arguably used more in Japan than anywhere else in the world. Bows are employed everywhere to anyone. It’s so common that people will often, usually quite unintentionally; bow while talking on the phone, despite the fact that the other person is unable to see the gesture. The higher the rank of the person they bow to the lower the bow.

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  1. Hi-tech toilets.

The Japanese turned a simple toilet into a technological marvel. Most toilets in Japan have built-in bidet system for spraying your “behind”. You sit down on a warm seat with a music playing and when you’ve eased yourself, everything’s hands-free, a jet of water sprays and wash you from the front and back.

  1. Chance to live longer.

Aside from healthy-living (many Japanese companies have morning exercise session), crime rate is very low (second-lowest homicide rate in the world). In fact, Adult diaper is sold more than baby diapers in Japan this is because of its fast-aging population and slow birth rate.  Average life expectancy in Japan is one of the highest in the world. Japanese people live an average of 4 years longer than Americans.

  1. The crazy fashion.

It is wacky and colorful. Mix and (mis)matching in Japan is very popular. You make your own statement, you can’t go wrong.

Japanese Anime-8 Japanese Anime-24

  1. Vending machines.

It’s everywhere. The machines sell beer, hot and cold canned coffee, cigarettes and several other items.

  1. Serenity and beauty.

Temples and Zen gardens are plenty. In springtime, Cherry blossom festival takes place, the Sakura trees bloom which can be found everywhere in Japan. Japan also has cafes where people can play with puppies and cats.

Mount Aso-120140510_110407_1

  1. Amazing public transportation.

Japan produced the most technologically advanced motor vehicles, electronics and machine tools. The Taxis got automatic doors. Bullet trains cut nine-hour journey down to 2.5 hours. Sometimes the trains are so crowded railway staffs are employed to cram passengers inside. In Japan, train stations are not only for trains, they’re also for malls, supermarkets, restaurants and offices.



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